Our solid shampoo + conditioner is a 100% NATURAL PRODUCT, made entirely by hand, based on minerals (sepiolite, zeolite, dolomite and other precious minerals) which act on the hair, closing the cuticles and carrying out a PROTECTIVE AND PLUMPING ACTION.

  • THEY DO NOT CONTAIN CHEMICAL DYES (the natural color comes from the minerals contained).

Particularly suitable for short and medium length hair, the SOLID SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER is an excellent alternative to the liquid product, with the great advantage of not producing plastic waste!

They can be personalized with natural wrapping and label or in a recycled paper case.


It’s the great news in contemporary cosmetics: very SMART and totally ECOFRIENDLY!

The perfume is poured and solidified directly in small aluminum jars (15 or 30 ml), practical when traveling or to keep in your bag every day. Unlike glass perfume, which is more suitable for staying at home, solid perfume is a “moving product”! But not only that: it is suitable for those who do not like “strong” perfumes, preferring to wear a persistent but discreet scent. Our solid perfumes have the consistency of a compact butter and by rubbing the tip of the index finger, they are applied exactly to the points where the perfume is administered (wrists, behind the ears and on the neck).

Even solid perfume can be personalized (with label and silk-screen printing) to become a travel companion, a nice gift or an original gadget!