MAISON COSMETICA is a cosmetic manufacturer company born with a strong vocation: to welcome the client with the care and warmth reserved for a guest.
We offer a space to listen client projects and follow them step by step in the realization of new beauty products and brands. Before producing cosmetics, MAISON produces values!

MAISON COSMETICA is Italian: it’s located in Assisi and through its high-quality products, it transmits the strong, ancient, values of this land to the world.

MAISON COSMETICA is a special house where the dream of creating personalized cosmetics finally takes shape. And you don’t need to be an expert cosmetologist or have already practiced the market of beauty to create personalized cosmetics: just rely on MAISON to be accompanied straight to your goal!

MAISON COSMETICA is an atelier where, thanks to a team of experts, anyone who wishes can build a “tailor-made cosmetic”, created according to specific needs, from the available budget to the sales channel.